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The Team

For private yoga sessions at home or if you are interested in getting a class started for a group or running club in your area, please contact teachers directly by their email.  Hourly rates will vary depending on the individual teacher.

Anisha Badri
is a qualified Yoga and Pilates instructor, member of Yoga Alliance and REPS Level 3. 
Anisha has trained with some of the world's most respected teachers, as well as studying the Lotte Berk Method, a system popular with classical and ballet dancers. Anisha began practicing yoga as a child in her native India and now has over 10 years experience teaching in London, the US and New Zealand -- privately, in health club, yoga centres and personal training studios.
AREAS:  West London, SW London  CONTACT:  anisha@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Rebecca Bogue
has spent most of her life performing and training in various forms of dance, anatomy & physiology and City & Guilds Teacher Training. Having originally discovered yoga with Allison Ulan in Canada 14 years ago, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Tripsichore founder Edward Clark and Elizabeth Connolly. She has taught and continues to teach these subjects since 2002. Rebecca has taught Yoga to various groups of students in London – actors, dancers, ME sufferers and children. Since 2008, she has worked specifically with cyclists, triathletes and more recently runners.  Rebecca has also completed a Yoga for Runners™ teacher training with Christine Felstead.
AREAS:  EC1 - EC4, E1 - E3, E5, E8, E9, E15, E17, WC1, N1, N4, N5, N7, N16, NW1, NW3, SE1, SE17  CONTACT:  rebecca@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Rose Mary Bussto is an endurance specialist and the creator of UltraYoga which combines the best of ancient yoga practices with the physiology of endurance training to help professional and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals in the 21st century. UltraYoga came about as a result of Rose’s own passion for ultra running. In 2007 she made the decision to run in the Marathon des Sables, the "world's toughest footrace", despite a back problem.  With the help of a yoga programme she devised and followed, the race was completed without adverse effect.  Rose works with a number of health professionals, ranging from physiotherapists to message therapists and sports coaches. As well as being a personal trainer, Rose is an accredited Yoga Alliance and British Wheel of Yoga teacher and certified Yoga for Runners™ Instructor. Previously she had already devised a progressive 6-step programme which has been being adopted by extreme running training camps in the UK and abroad.
AREAS:  The West London areas of Ealing, Acton, Chiswick, West Ealing, Hanwell
CONTACT: rose@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Oonagh Cleary is a fully qualified Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Instructor with over 15 years' teaching experience.  She has been a keen runner for 25 years. She is also a qualified nutritionist specializing in Sports Nutrition and has studied posture assessment, sports injuries and advanced anatomy and physiology. Oonagh has great intuition when assessing people's posture types and individual needs and  has a real passion and genuine interest in healing people's bodies through movement.
AREAS:  All London, please enquire  CONTACT:  oonagh@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Una Laffan began practicing Yoga while studying psychology at University,where she  found the tools which helped deepen her understanding  of the union of body and mind. She took her first Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Michael Gannon in Mexico City in 2004, and has  since  travelled to the U.S and  India to study with wonderful teachers including Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Sharath,  M.S Viswanat,  B.N.S Iyengar, Shiva Rea and Sofia Diaz. She has also studied other forms of movement and dance therapy and is a certified Zero Balancing Practitioner. Through the years she has enjoyed exploring and teaching the practices that enlighten and enliven our spirit and our connection with our body and nature.
AREAS:  Central London  CONTACT: una@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Tatiana Mercier
trained to teach yoga at London's highly regarded Life Centre. Tatiana's other areas of study include Yoga Therapy, Biomedicine, Naturopathic Nutrition and Dietetics, and she also holds a certificate in Naturopathic Nutrition and Dietetics from the European College of Holistic Naturopathy in Paris.
 Tatiana has also held a week-long Yoga & Running retreat in Italy. Her life-long sports background includes gymnastics, basket ball, athletics, running, swimming and cycling.
AREAS:  Esher, Surbiton, Weybridge  CONTACT: tatiana@yogaforrunners.co.uk
Dan Noquet qualified as a yoga teacher with the British wheel of yoga. One of the things he loves about yoga is its adaptability. His teaching comes from the perspective of wanting to improve the functional strength and performance of our bodies, whether that be through gentle, recuperative yoga, or an active and vigorous form. Dan has taught people recovering from injury and illness, as well as goal oriented people looking to enhance their sporting acheivements through yoga. He completed the Brighton marathon in 2011 and feels that yoga greatly improved his training and recovery process.
AREAS:  Brighton & East Sussex  CONTACT: dan@yogaforrunners.co.uk
Mary Parkinson began working in the fitness industry in 1993 as a personal trainer.  She began practising yoga to enhance her fitness in 1995 and qualified as a yoga teacher in 1999.  Since then she has moved almost exclusively into teaching yoga but brings to the table all her knowledge of fitness, massage, pilates and of course yoga.  Over the years Mary has studied with many great teachers – Gingi Lee, Neriyani, Simon Low, Liz Lark and completed a month intensive in the jungle in 2010 in Bali with Bridget Woods-Kramer studying Anusara yoga.  Last year she studied Pilates with the YMCA and also teach esYoga Nidra – deep relaxation with the Satyananda school of yoga – the combination of strong practise and deep relaxation long having been a goal of Mary’s – the mind is the most powerful tool!  A keen sportswoman she loves to work with like-minded people bringing 20 years of experience to the table.
AREAS: London - Please enquire  CONTACT:  mary@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Arlette Quinton has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and is Yoga Alliance certified. She teaches a mixture of static and dynamic yoga geared to the requirements of the individual. Arlette has studied under many different teachers and her style of teaching has evolved from her studies, her personal practice, sporting interests and injuries! Arlette has also completed a Yoga for Runners™ teacher training with Christine Felstead and is available for individual and group instruction in Central and SW London.  
AREAS:  Central & SW London  CONTACT: arlette@yogaforrunners.co.uk

   Catherine Robertson-Glasgow is a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and massage therapist as well as being a well qualified fitness instructor in spinning, body pump and stretching.  She also acted as Rider Representative for the California AIDs ride, a 1000km cycling event to raise funds for HIV/AIDs charities.  Catherine has taught in numerous gyms and yoga centres in Melbourne, Australia and has also taught the Mysore-style Ashtanga class at the Yoga Place in London.
AREAS: London - Please enquire  CONTACT:  cat@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Bec Vaughan is an outdoors loving, runner, yoga instructor and veterinarian and has been practicing (and now teaching) yoga for over 5 years. Originally trained in London in the Vinyasa flow-and Ashtanga style and a RYT certified Yoga Alliance Instructor Bec likes to integrate anatomy and physiology into her classes to facilitate fellow athletes to explore the benefits of yoga - to strengthen, lengthen and restore some balance. Bec has also completed a Yoga for Runners™ teacher training with Christine Felstead.

AREAS: Perth, Western Australia CONTACT: bec@yogaforrunners.co.uk

Terri Walford teaches in various locations around North London/Herts, including warm up/cool down sequences for Trent Park Running Club of which she is an active member. She has attended various workshops and training modules, the most recent being Christine Felstead's Yoga For Runners™ intensive intensive Teacher Training. 

AREAS: North London, Herts  CONTACT: terri@yogaforrunners.co.uk

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