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The Benefits of Yoga
  • Yoga postures can correct muscle imbalances resulting from high impact training, aligning the joints, improving bone density, stretching and stabilizing the body to prevent pain and injury, particularly in injury-prone zones: hips, hamstrings, knees, Achilles tendon and iliotibial band to name just a few. 
  • Standing yoga postures correctly align the knee, strengthen the arches to provide better shock absorbers and maintain
    healthy connective tissue in the foot and shin.  They also improve balance, pelvic stability and leg strength for powerful efficient form.
  • Dynamic flowing yoga sequences develop a sense of rhythm between breath and movement, build stamina and coordination, combining upper body and core strength with lower body flexibility.
  • Slow, gentle, hatha yoga with longer holds in postures balances out your athletic efforts, cultivates awareness of any resistance, promotes release of tension to avoid injury and can help you recover and rejuvenate after sports.

  • Yoga breath work and concentration exercises can improve body awareness and confidence, focus and patience, and positive pleasure in your athletic pursuits.
The Benefits of Pilates 
  • Joseph Pilates's method is a low impact, precise approach of exercise centred around core strength, pelvic stability and peripheral mobility.

  • Pilates improves posture, and therefore can work to corrrect imbalances in your gait.
  • Like yoga, Pilates helps prevent injuries by balancing the over trained athletic body and correcting inefficient or unhealthy movement patterns, leading to improved endurance.

  • With a strong focus on the relationship between core, pelvis and spine, Pilates is an excellent antedote to back pain.

  • Pilates principles are:  Awareness, Breath, Balance, Center, Concentration, Control, Efficiency, Flow, Harmony, Precision.  These principles can be also be applied to all sports including those involving coordination, accuracy and team work.

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